• About Our Company

    Engineering & Construction

PT. TRIKASA ENERGI TAMA Was established in march 2013 to offer its expertise in the fabrication and installation of structural steel, pipe, electrical and civil works for various industrial and commercial application.

Our Mission

Is to provide fabrication, construction and installation services for oil and gas, industrial and high rise building, while utilizing innovative technologies within an environment of motivated employees focused on continuous improvement, highest HSE standards, work ethics and corporate citizenship, leading to added value to our customers and sustained return on investment to our shareholders. In addition, we also worked as a troubleshooting team with the skill and abilities in the field of fabrication, construction and installation services for oil and gas industry.

The Policy

The management of PT. TRIKASA ENERGI TAMA regards the health and the safety of its employee as vitally important. With the commitment and example set and maintained by management, we will regard the following standard policies

  • Safe and hygienic working condition
  • Regular health and safety checks
  • Planning new and effective measures
  • In house health and safety training
  • Identifying and rectifying unsafe work practice
  • Comply with employment equity

Customer Needs

The basic need of our target cutomers is excellent and reliable services at all times. Highly trained and experienced staff will be of value to our bussiness in order to meet this need.


We identify that we are in a global business with a vast number of competitors but our prime strategy will be focus on quality services and affordable services without compromising quality.

Growth Plan

  • Diversify and introduce excellent products and services.
  • Maintain reasonable profits every year.
  • We are committed to black empowerment through training and skills transfer.
  • Broaden the portfolio of business in the group through being a developer and a contractor number one.